Hi I'm Delle, a lifestyle photographer, owner of T07 Photography.

Growing up I always had a fascination with poetry, arts and photography but coming from a family of accountants, I focused more of my attention to the accounting and finance world. While working as Staff Accountant in downtown Calgary, photography was just a hobby, something I loved doing on the side in my spare time. I find it calming as it gives so much perspective in the things we do, allowing me to show my version of how I see the world through my lenses. This helped me foster my passion for photography, adventure and life in general.

To further my knowledge, I enrolled at the Alberta College of Arts + Design (now Alberta University of the Arts) to study the technical and artistic aspects of digital photography. My husband and daughters are the most important part of this journey; they inspire me to pursue what I love doing. Life is a precious gift we often take for granted, and it is so easy to get lost in the noise and haste of day to day activities. This made me realize how important it is to live in the moment and to capture those beautiful memories; the things that truly matter to us. 

All photos on my website are the ones I took over the years. I love capturing almost anything from landscapes to sports, families, children, newborns and events. My approach to photography varies from candid to a lifestyle portrait, but ultimately I want my clients to be themselves and have fun while I capture their unique personality. There is something about those candid images that speak so beautifully about the relationships between people and families; a language we sometimes cannot vocalize but rather captured one image at a time.

Please feel free to look around, or drop me a line to say "hi," or to discuss booking a photo session with me.

Thanks for stopping by!
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